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candytree biography

This incarnation of 'candytree' formed in February 2008, comprising: Vince Cullen (drums, keyboards, songwriting and production) Anthony Holgate (guitars and songwriting) Jehanne Saaidah (vocals and songwriting) Matt Hill (guitars and songwriting) Carl Hansen (bass guitar)

Hair by aliens – whispers in a glass garden: There is no band philosophy. Philosophy plays with the mind – music with the soul; with our emotions - although we do like to play with both. You see, we are PLAYFUL! When you are single music is your lover – when you are in a relationship with another, she, or he, becomes your mistress or mister-ess; your secret.An intense affair filled with all that that brings.

We sprinkle our Duse in a glass garden so that she becomes drenched in verbena; waterfalls in sound – an immersion occasionally torn through and bled back with sonic mayhem. Atoms split; velcro rips, and there is the promise of something frenzied; the edge of ecstasy. Sex whispers, enticingly, and a heart fills with graffiti: she is redeemed!