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Candytree create music that endeavours to reach out universally to their audience through an eclectic embrace of styles; a marriage of urbane, spiritual, and emotional ‘chic’; through the employment of ‘hooks’ and lyrical substance. We do not confine ourselves to any one particular style but are able to incorporate many elements into a rounded identifiable ‘sound’.

A five piece band from East London, present this collusion of urbane ‘chic’ and spiritual ‘graffiti’ using pop, rock and electronica to create euphoric sound-scapes. ‘Lynchian’ panoramas meet ethereal waterfalls, set in an urban backdrop: where guitars split atoms and choirs caress. We are purveyors of M.I.Y Space music (Make It Yourself) (© Anthony Holgate 2010) and can best be described as ‘pop-noir’. Imagine David Lynch and Portishead have been invited along to a pool party by the Pixies, skinnydipping optional.                    

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